Strategy IO Games

Looking for awesome and amazing multiplayer strategy games? How about free strategy games with cool features and interesting environments? You should try playing multiplayer strategy games like Blockergame,,,, etc. If you are interested in playing any of these online strategy games, then take a look at their description below: 1. MINESWEEPER.IO The beauty of this multiplayer strategy game is the transition of the classic minesweeper game into a multiplayer game but the rules are still the same where one tile is selected for revealing and avoiding getting blasted by the bombs underneath. Of course, this game requires some intuition and maybe, some luck so that the squares you open are empty and therefore you continue playing. The number of bombs is indicated by surrounding the square but not on the square that is empty. In case you are able to locate a bomb then you should put a flag on the tile so as to prevent you from mistakenly opening the tile. To play this game the WASD or arrow keys can be used to move around while the space bar or mouse left-click can be used to launch attacks. 2. SPLASHWARS.IO This online strategy game is a combination of strategy and shooting game where you are in control of a ship trying to dominate the battlefield by pouring ink everywhere on the map. So what exactly is the problem? Everyone has the same goal. This means you have plenty enemies and you need to shoot them down. Playing this game requires you to spill as much ink as possible but also avoid getting shot. Try to shoot as many enemy ships as possible too. To control your ship, you press and hold either left or right arrow key to turn because it automatically moves forward. To shoot, you press the arrow key while accelerating requires you to press and hold the up arrow key, otherwise, you press and hold the down key to decelerate.