RPG IO Games

Sharpen your battle axe and maximize your stats because it’s time to enter the world of Role Playing Games. Are you a brutish warrior who lets his axe do the talking when things get tough? Perhaps you're a mystic casting spells and using magic to level up. Whether you’re questing through a far-flung fantasy land of dragons and dwarves, blasting off to farthest reaches of the galaxy as a space marine, trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or piloting a giant mech suit: we have the games for you. Role Playing Games are all about choosing your character and optimizing your stats. This collection of online RPG’s is the best around, no matter what the genre. A number of RPG themes from mechs, to fantasy, to stick games Easy and fun interface. Use mouse or keyboard to control characters Multiplayer and solo modes available for most games Passwords used for campaign mode