Game Rating: 69


Play game is a fun multiplayer unblocked io game where you play as an ant. Forage for food, hunt for bugs, defend your queen, and grow your colony to defeat the enemy queens. Work with other players to bring your colony to victory! Controls Tap/click or use WASD to move, right click(or double tap) to perform an action. (Like picking up food, attacking, found colony, etc.) Use left click, ctrl, or press down on your ant to open the command menu. Press enter to chat. Starting New Colony When you start a new colony, you will be the queen. Find a good spot for your nest that is near food, humid(dark) dirt, and dry(light) dirt. You can see small hints on the surface for humid and dry dirt. Right click(or double tap) somewhere on the ground to dig and start your colony. Growing your Colony Teamwork is key, communicate with your fellow players! Ensure your queen and larvae are fed. Pick up food (green balls) and place it on your queen/larvae when they are hungry(white icon over her head). AI will do this too. Place eggs/larvae/pupae on dark wet dirt and food on light dry dirt underground. Dig for more space by double tapping on dirt tiles, you must place dirt outside. Collect food from the surface to feed your colony. Spiders drop blue food when killed, feed this to larvae to create soldier ants! How to Win Build your colony up to defeat all other queens. Once all enemy queens are killed, your team will win! Strategies As a new colony, try to build your nest under rocks to hide your entrance from enemies. Eventually your nest will get big enough to be seen over the rock though. Dig out and move your queen away from the entrance so she will not be attacked if an enemy raids your nest. Protect her! If she dies then you lose. Try to make tunnels larger when you have more ants, if a tunnel is only one tile wide it may be difficult for your ants to get through. When you are being raided you can try and seal off your queen to protect her from the raiders. Though make sure you unsteal off so she can get food.