Game Rating: 56


Play game is a 2D shooter unblocked io game where you're dropped in the middle of a forest with other survivalists. Dive into the enormous ocean of .iO games, becomes outstanding due to the simple but very competitive and fun gameplay. Similar to previous titles, is considered as an addictive adventure action MMO game. In which, every participant will be brought to the middle of a remote dense forest. It is also the main arena that you and rivals will have the chance to fight against each other as well as prove your own capability. At the moment you spawn on the map of, you will be instantly equipped with a hammer. Although it is a basic tool in survival matches, it is the primary weapon in the coming battle. And, you'd better master how to wield, especially control the way to utilize it to cause the death of your opponents. Note! It's easy to slay somebody in with only one hit if you roll out your assault accurately. Once you step into game, remember that your goal is to dominate the leaderboard or wear the crown. So as to be the top hunter, do not forget to kill antagonists the most! You will obtain scores. They represent your rank, too. Moreover, they will be the key to push you up to the position you expect. How to play is a great 2D fighting game that you should not ignore. It is one of the newest challenges, including the thrilling gameplay which requires you to finish off as many hostile characters as possible. Furthermore, it is extremely straightforward to know inside out. Firstly, you can strike WASD or Arrow keys to walk forward and backward or turn left and right. These buttons can help you dodge shots. Besides, moving the mouse cursor is useful to look around everything nearby. In case you'd like to chase someone or run away from stronger enemies in game, you can press Space bar to sprint. More importantly, please hit Left Mouse whenever you want to throw your hammer at the target. Finally, it's essential to re-summon that gear by using Right Mouse! Always make sure to aim before each attack in order to save your time! Strategies Although every explanation about game sounds simplistic, it is slightly difficult to achieve your plan. But, you do not worry because you will be given several effective tips & tricks below. You can find plenty of trees on battlefield. They are not just selected to decorate. However, they offer ideal places for those who are not ready to rush into fierce encounters or for persons that intend to hide and escape from predators. When you cover your body carefully, you can ambush your prey without being revealed. Even, you are able to remove guys getting a higher level than you. Hiding behind objects in is not a bad choice if you are lazy. So, you can wait for your victims and toss your tool at their head then. In addition, you can recognize a few men having nothing in hands while you are roaming. It is recommended to seize that opportunity and terminate them! Keep an eye on bushes on playground to catch out your foes! If you decide on lurking, try to camouflage skillfully! To release the next onslaught, it's necessary to recall your weapon rapidly before you are killed! To hurt a player two times constantly, you can call for the hammer when it has already touched him. (You must calculate the distance to do that) Defeating your adversaries in game will assist you to regain HP. Are you willing to hop into game and rule the throne? Attempt to defend yourself, survive until the end of the match and earn the highest rank! Good luck!