Game Rating: 70


Play game is a fun, casual and competitive online unblocked io game , originally for mobile and finally now available in the browser! Please note that there may be slight latency issues and other similar bugs but we will attempt to resolve these issues as soon as we can! In, players can enjoy: [+] Easy to pick up but hard to master. Play casually whenever you want or learn to master the game in order to be the top of the leaderboards and weekly tournaments! [+] Play online against hundreds of other players from all over the world with NO LAG! [+] Earn rewards from daily quests and weekly tournaments! [+] Loads of different leaderboards to brag about your own play-style. Or add your friends and compete against them in your own "FRIENDS" leaderboard! [+] Loads of awesome frogs to unlock, and more coming soon! How to Play Playing is simple: tap the screen to jump your frogs, eat flies and squish other frogs that are smaller than you! There are various techniques that can be used to achieve the above, most of which are explained in the initial tutorial images shown when you first start the game (or by clicking the "?" icon on the main screen). It's worth reading through these images to get an idea of the basics. There are also a set of handy tips displayed on the main screen. Reading these will help you to learn more about the more complex mechanics of the game. Strategy There are many different ways to play Whether you want to hop around the edges of the map eating flies in relative safety; or whether you want to dive on frogs in the middle of the map where the action is, there is plenty to do in Come try it out and let us know what strategy you use!